Some Informal Research

For research purposes: What do you consider to be the most important concert music institution where you live? Define the terms any way you wish. Please provide an answer in comments, through email, on your own blog, or anywhere else you think I'll find it.



  1. The Harris Theater for Music and Dance at Millennium Park in Chicago, IL. First and foremost, Chicago Opera Theater is in residence there. Their rep is exceptional, and showcases wonderful avant-garde opera as well as Chicago (sometimes USA) premieres of great Baroque operas, alongside the great standards of Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century opera.

    In addition, they host concerts of other art music from Baroque to avant-garde, jazz music, folk muaic, and even more popular forms.

  2. Though it is on my campus and therefore I am naturally a little biased, Spivey Hall is the finest small concert/recital hall in the Southeast. There simply is nowhere better for chamber or vocal music (though I would not recommend it for larger ensembles).


  3. Here in Manila, it's the Cultural Center of the Philippines, which houses the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philippine Madrigal Singers.