Briefly Noted

From time to time, editor Jerry Bowles of Sequenza21 will send me compact discs that don't really fit in with S21's mission. This is usually because of genre or because the music isn't recent enough. After consulting with Jerry on this, I've decided to mention these discs here, with extremely brief descriptions and catalog information. This is not to in any way dismiss the recordings or the artists that make them--I figure mentioning them here is better than not mentioning them at all.

Book III, by Transvalue, is big band contemporary jazz, with a literary bent. It swings and it rocks. Most of the words are rhythmically intoned, rather than sung or spoken, and either you will like that, or you won't. More information, including ordering information and sound samples, can be found at Transvalue's Book III website.

Cellist Marcy Rosen plays sonatas for cello and piano (with Lydia Artymiw) by Ludwig Thuille and Ernst von Dohnányi and a Sonata for two cellos (with Frances Rowell) on a recent release from Bridge Records. The playing from all three performers is top-notch, and the music is solid, mainstream composition. More information, including purchasing information, can be found here.


There is an abundance of books concerning 20th century concert music--anlytical, historical, polemical--you name it, someone has written about it.

I have some favorites and I imagine some/most of you do, too. I'd like to compile a list of some of the best of the bunch, mostly as resource, but also in the hopes of coming across something I haven't heard of or that I have meant to read.

I'd like suggestions for the list, in the following three categories:

1) books by composers;
2) books not by composers; and
3) fiction and poetry in which 20th century concert music plays an important role.

Please offer suggestions in the comments, or feel free to email me.