There's a shaker in the piece, but not this kind.

I completed a piece for solo percussion today. It's called When Your Time Is Orange, and I wrote it for my nephew, Gordon Hicken, who will premiere it in the spring.

My works list at the top of the page has been updated.


anton webern

Webern in repose
A recent article in the Guardian features brief statements from a variety of musicians about their favorite piece of 20th century concert music. Characteristically, Alex Ross, whose The Rest is Noise inspired the festival that prompted the article, names Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Large Orchestra, Op.6 (1909). Ross cites "the first great sonic maelstrom in musical history" at the end of the fourth piece. Read the whole thing.

And while you're thinking of Webern, read Phil Freeman's post on Webern in commemoration of the composer's birthday. One of Burning Ambulance's central concerns is with jazz, and Phil relates some comments a jazz musician made to him about Webern's influence. Again, please read the whole thing.