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To ACD--

Since you don't have comments, I'll here. Are you saying that listening to concert music on iPods or via mp3s on computer is worse than not listening to it at all?


Perplexed in the Provinces


  1. Not in the least, nor have I ever suggested such a thing. But the Great Unwashed -- the iPod People -- need to understand what it is they're listening to when they hear classical music via an iPod, which is to say they need to understand that what they're hearing is but a pale and grossly distorted simulacrum of the real thing, and not what they ought to be listening to if they really want to hear the music.


  2. Thanks for the clarification.

    I thought that was probably your position, but I hadn't seen you explicitly state it.

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Hi Steve, This issue is one I recall our discussing on Table Talk a couple of years ago when I didn't even know what an mp3 sounded like. Now I'm trying very hard to get up-and-running in the 21st Century. The only things standing in my way are money and digital know-how. I'm getting there.

    I certainly come down on the side of listen on iPod or mp3s, as I have been happy with sound fidelity since the sixties and don't have a problem with the fidelity of these new formats.

  4. I haven't been following this discussion in the blogosphere too closely, but are there actually people out there who thought that mp3s were 100% accurate reproductions of live sound?

  5. I imagine a good number of people think they are closer than they are.