Eve Beglarian

My review of a disc of music by Eve Beglarian will soon be up at Sequenza21. [EDIT, 22 July: The review is posted.]

I've been aware since I started the 101 project that I needed a "Downtown" piece on the list. Ms. Beglarian's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is that piece. It replaces Karol Symanowski's King Roger on the list. (The change is reflected in the list at the bottom of listen.'s main page.)

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  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    hi there!

    I just discovered your blog today, I love it! I was reading up on eve beglarian and found you in a google search.

    If you are interested, i interviewed her today and played a couple of tracks you may not have heard on my podcast: www.mikeypod.com