Happy Fourth!

Some music for the day:

John Cage: Apartment House 1776
Charles Ives: The Fourth of July
John Adams: Short Ride on a Fast Machine
Duke Ellington: "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue"
George & Ira Gershwin: "They All Laughed"
Elliott Carter: A Celebration of Some 150x150 Notes
Terry Riley: In C
Steve Reich: Clapping Music
Milton Babbitt: Whirled Series

1 comment:

  1. Good list.
    I was thinking the Carter Partita would be a good pick. (It could work well with fireworks, right?) I had forgotten about Celebration.

    I was trying to come up with my own list last night and I was only able to come up with a few pieces.

    Partita - Carter
    In C - Riley
    Symphony #2 - Creston (it's a rather light hearted piece and it is fun to listen to.)