I was going to post a sarcastic response to Miles Hoffman's article here, but the piece doesn't deserve even that. It is full of inaccuracies, as the comments after the article indicate. The inaccuracies are so extensive that it is clear that Mr. Hoffman is either spectacularly unqualified to write on the subject or he is engaged in culture war propaganda. In either case, shame on him, and shame on the Wilson Quarterly for publishing it.

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  1. Blarg! Logorrhea indeed. Of the composers he listed at the beginning of the article [Stravinsky, Ravel, Gershwin, Hindemith, Bartók, Bloch, Janácek, Prokofiev, Milhaud, Poulenc, Copland, Barber, Britten, Walton, Martinu, Ginastera, Villa-Lobos, Shostakovich, and Bernstein], only three (Ravel, Gershwin and Janacek) never used 12-tone ideas in their works. It's kind of weird that people are still arguing about this. I thought we'd gotten to the point where educated people realized the advantages and limitations of the 12-tone system.