Four Play

Four jobs you've had in your life: Ladies' wear stock clerk; library technical assistant; grantswriter; teacher

Four movies you could watch over and over: The Searchers, Nashville, Godfather II, Chinatown

Four places you've lived: Poughkeepsie, Ithaca, Durham, Iowa Citry

Four TV shows you love to watch: Scrubs, Law & Order (mothership), Boomtown, 24

Four places you've been on vacation: Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago, New York

Four websites you visit daily: All of the sites on the blogroll plus dailykos, bopnews, Salon, Slate

Four of your favorite foods: fresh pasta with marinara sauce and cheese, various Indian dishes, black beans and rice, salad

Four places you'd rather be: Atlanta, New York, Italy, France

1 comment:

  1. Jobs: carhop, keypunch, plastic molding injector, asst. jr. fashion buyer
    Movies: It's a Mad, Mad, etc. World, National Lampoon's Vacation, Dr. Zhivago, Bridges of Madison County
    Lived: Woonsocket, South Bellingham, East Providence, Worcester
    TV: CSIs, 24, Seinfeld, This Old House
    Vacation: St Thomas, Sedona, Yellowstone, Nova Scotia
    Websites: NYT, projo, google, yahoo
    Food: fish, steak, tea, cookies
    Places: Manhattan, Block Island, South Carolina, New Mexico