On Envy and Concert Scheduling

I promised yesterday that I would have more to say about Greg Stepanich's statement about other composers being "jealous" of Jay Greenberg. I think, as commentor JVM indicated yesterday, the "envy" is a better word than "jealousy", but besides that and one other point I'll eventually get to, it turns out I don't have much to say about it.

Other than this: I do wish I had Mr. Greenberg's opportunities and resources. I don't think that influences my opinion of his music (when and if I ever have a strong opinion about it).

Of more interest is this article from The New York Times, on concert starting times. If I were in a position to influence scheduling and formatting of concerts, starting times and as concert length are two of the things I would be most experimental with.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to Peter Eotvos' fine recording of Luciano Berio's Sinfonia, one of my favorite pieces, and all is right in my very little corner of the world.


  1. Steve,They used to begin concerts at FSU at 8:15. I've never seen that done anywhere else.

    I love the Berio Sinfonia. I heard it live with Swingles in Londons Royal Festival Hall in 1977. Walter Hendl conducting the Royal Phil. Have you heard the Boulez broadcast recording with Chicago?

    I heard Eotvos conduct the New World in Miami several years ago, and he is the real thing. I'm sure that recording must be superb. Is it Ensemble Monderne?

  2. Dave--

    The Berio/Eotvos is with the Göteborgs Symfoniker.

    It's really quite good.

    I believe concerts started at 8:15 when I was at Ithaca College.

    During the New Music Festival at FSU the concerts are all over the clock, and it doesn't seem to hurt attendance. I think the idea of short, late night concerts is a very good one.

  3. I'm planning on attending one of those 10:30 Night Music concerts next week - going to the 8 p.m. at Avery Fisher, then stolling to the Rose...

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    If you wanted what Mr. Greenberg has, you'd be writing the same kind of music he is writing.